Iron Engines

The train engine the powers the Iron Rail within the Kingdom of Alaron. Was created by Royal Magician Erian Darkcoat. The creation of each engine is a time consuming process and a closely guarded state secret. The engine travels at a top speed of 30MPH on a flat section of track.

The Iron Engine pulls along train cars carrying both passengers at freight. A normal train has anywhere between 10 and 20 total cars. Most Iron Engines follow the same design; However 2 variants are known to exist.

Royal Engine – The Royal family has a personal train and Engine. This Engine is larger and faster than any other Iron Engine. Its been seen running 50MPH. It consists of the Engine and 5 cars. Two cars are reserved for the Royal Family, a third car for important persons traveling with the royals, and 2 cars of Red Dragons.

Myr Engine – The Barony of Myr was granted its request by the Crown to have an Engine of its own use. Do to the small number of Engines, the frequency of transport between each line various based on need. Myr wanted control of its own engine to facility transport of goods from its port on the Azure Sea. The Myr Engine is slower but has the ability to haul more goods, It has only 2 passenger carts, one for the Baron or his designee and a second for a group of body guards, usually Blue Dragons.

Iron Engines

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