Kingdom of Alaron

The Kingdom of Alaron is a large country sitting on the eastern edge of the continent Marsenta. Its led by King Marcus Trueborn III. Its coat of arms is a Red Dragon imposed over a black cross on a field of white. Its military is known as the Red Dragons, and its navy the Blue Dragons.

The Azure Sea is the ocean boundary on the east of Alaron. The country is surrounded by two large mountain ranges that form a barrier to most land routes. The northern and north western border is the Akara Mountains. Its south western to southern border is the Clarion Mountains. Stone Valley Pass is a area of flat lands between the two mountain ranges and is the easiest means of land travel out of Alaron. The eastern boarder of the kingdom is the Azure Sea. The largest lake in the Kingdom is Lake Alaron, which is also the source of the Alaron RiverThere are several rivers within the country, the two largest are the Alaron River and the Clarion River. The other Rivers include the Granite River, Miren River, Smoke River, and Moresdon River. The northeast of the country includes the great Mirenwood, and the small Harken Mountains. The Southeastern edge of the country contains the huge Forest of Myr.



Alaron is a Kingdom, currently ruled by King Marcus Trueborn III. He is advised by his King’s Council.The seat of government is in Alaronda, where the King resides. The nation is served by the normal bureaucracy with the national treasury, Ministry of Tax, the Red Dragon Army, the Blue Dragon Navy, and the Royal Wizards. The newly established Ministry of Transport oversees the growing Iron Rail.

The country is subdivided into six Baronies:
Akara Barony
Aloronda Barony
Azure Barony
Barony of Clarion
Barony of Myr
Barony of Smoke

There are also many prominent Noble Families.

Alaron is geographically isolated and protected due to the two great mountain ranges and the Azure Sea. The Trueborn family has led the country for over 300 years. The country has been peaceful for the past 19 years since the end of the Orcrising War. The Kingdom is known for its strong Royal Wizards, and is most famous for its Iron Rail. The Iron Rail was invented by Royal Magician Erian Darkcoat 15 years ago, though the crafting of the great Iron Engines are a closely guarded state secret.

The areas within the Kingdom’s borders are safe with the exceptions of the Forest of Myr and the Clarion Mountains. The Forest of Myr holds many dangers, the Elves of Myr are xenophobic and hostile to anyone who enters their forest. Also within the forest lies the ruins of Illeveran, and ancient kingdom of which little is known. Other beasts and monsters are known to make the forest home as well. The Clarion Mountains are home to a large number of Hill and Stone giant clans, as well as many Orc Tribes. The giants tend to themselves and are rarely seen outside the mountains. The Stone giants are known to trade on occasion. The various tribes of Orcs within the mountains tend to fight among themselves and occasionally attack small villages and towns within the Kingdom. The Orcs were united under Garak, an exceptionally powerful and charismatic orc during the Orcrising War, but the orcs have returned to their tribal nature since that defeat.

The Akara Mountains are less dangerous, they have their occasional monster, and a small number of orc tribes, but do to the extensive mining by the Alarondians on the Southern Side and the Kingdom of Marsender north of the mountains doing regular patrols into the northern slopes no major threat to the kingdom exist in the mountains.

Beyond the Northern portion of the Akara Mountains lies the Kingdom of Marsender. To the east beyond the eastern edges of both the Akara and Clarion Mountains lies the Plains of Chaos, a vast grassy plain upon which nomadic peoples range. To the South beyond the southern Clarion Mountains lies the Tiefling nation of Trakentor.

Beyond the Southwestern Clarion Mountains beginning about 30 miles south of Stone Valley Pass lies the Ruarin Desert. The desert is separated from Trakentor by the Ice Mountains the highest mountain range in Eastern Marsenta.

East about 200 miles into the Azure Sea lie the Isles of Elenta. The Isles have a collection of “free cities” and is the port of call for many pirates, and the destination for the wanted.

The the South East of Alaron in the Azure Sea lies Nerbonal a large island nation.

Kingdom of Alaron

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