King's Council

An advisory group to the throne of Alaron. It includes the King, the six Barons of the Alaron; the General of the Red Dragon Army, the Admiral of the Blue Dragon Navy, the Royal Magician, the Minister of Treasury, the Minister of Tax, and the Minister of Transport.

Current Members
King Marcus Trueborn III
Royal Magician Erian Darkcoat

Baron Edward Stoneridge (Smoke)
Baron Joesph Clarion (Clarion)
Baron Peter von Dietler (Alondra)
Baron Stevenson Blackraven (Akara)
Baron Talis Myrson (Myr)
Baroness Martina Oceanwild (Azure)

General Gareth Bladesmith

Minister Jared Coinbright (Treasury)
Minister Marith Trueson (Tax)
Minister Celes Arunzer (Transport)

King's Council

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